Drug Test

The emerging drug abuse in India stems from the recent rapid economic growth. Substance abuse has the potential to become a big issue with the HR departments of companies. A growing number of companies are trying to figure out the root causes contributing to such a menace. In some companies, drug abusers have not only been terminated, their friends or colleagues also remain under strict scrutiny.

What is a drug test?

A pre employment drug testing program for background investigation helps protect employers from hiring drug users, before they can have any impact on the workplace. We collaborate with reputed testing laboratories and work in sync with our clients to design and maintain effective and flexible employee drug testing programs .While conducting such tests we also ensure the employees right to privacy. Through our comprehensive solution and full service offering for drug testing, alcohol testing, and physical examinations, you will be able to ensure a safer and more productive workplace.

Why drug abuse is on rise?

  • BPO employees fall easy prey to drug abuse as using drugs appears to help them to stay awake and feel relaxed
  • Many find it stressful to keep pace with their companies' fast-track mode, more sales, higher targets
  • Just trying for fun or a onetime experience might lead to a lifelong addiction
  • With higher salaries, performance liked rewards and variable pay touching a never-before 40-45% of the salary, companies are driving their employees to increase their output

Why are drug tests important?

  • Drug users are more prone to accidents
  • To improve worker safety and health
  • To avoid workplace hazards
  • Prevent employee theft and absenteeism
  • Drugs hamper employee productivity
  • Drug users are a big threat to organizations dealing with sensitive data