What can you expect?

Great Service

Since our inception, we have been growing from strength to strength. Our client base has also witnessed a solid growth. This can be attributed to the consistency in maintaining high standard of service levels .We understand your requirements and customise our services accordingly. We have always aspired to manage our clients’ expectations, maintain high availability, practice honesty and transparency in all our communications and dealings. We have been successful in achieving so by bringing together great teams across sales, customer service, verifications and engineering.

Reliable, accurate reports - on time

We deliver what is promised. We are accountable for delivering reports within specified Turn around Time. Except for certain extreme cases, we deliver on or before our deadlines. All the verifications are carried out with prudence and documented accurately, leaving minimal scope for any deviation.

Team of Business Development Manager and Client Coordinator

It is our focus on client relationships and communication that sets us apart. Each client at JantaKhoj is assigned a team of Business Development Manager and Client Coordinator whose primary function is to ensure that the client consistently receives a high quality of service and remains satisfied with us. The Client Coordinator acts on behalf of the client and ensures that the client’s queries, requests and problems are catered to promptly.

No headache. More time for your core tasks.

We take on the task of complete employee background verification, and give you a thoroughly verified candidate. You can thereby focus on your core goals of keeping the employees happy and engaged with your company.

Technological Competence

Driven by cutting-edge technology, we had earlier created the largest public database on Indians. We continue to harness technology to solve complex problems in the areas of background verifications.

  • 24x7 access to your verification cases via our online portal.
  • Email alerts as the verification cases progress forward.
  • Ability to print verification reports at any time.
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (‘Cloud’) to ensure high reliability, availability, security and scalability.