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With 1.2 Billion people, India is home to the second largest population in the world. In such a densely populated country, physical verification and background check is very difficult. Verification agencies provide a secure, fast and efficient channel for background verification in India. Bangalore is the heart of IT industry in India. Many people come here looking for jobs. Some of them may forge their employment documents to show higher experience. Employment background checks prevent employers from getting duped. Employers can ask for employee verification services of potential employees. Background checks can include national criminal background checks as well. Here, employers can check criminal history of a person. If you’re planning to go abroad for work or studies, degree certificate verification is very useful. Educational certificate verification makes your visa application more trustworthy.

Recently, many cases of crimes by cab drivers were reported across the country. To prevent any untoward incident in the future, cab drivers background verification is very important. The Government is stepping up its drive to make Aadhaar card available to every citizen. Aadhaar card verification can also be done for various professionals. Whether you’re looking for a tutor, an employee or a domestic help, Aadhaar card verification helps in authenticating a person’s background.

We, at JantaKhoj, aim to simplify the process of background check and verification. We bring background verification process in Bangalore within the reach of everyone. Employers can seek our assistance to carry out employment document verification. JantaKhoj ensures that you don’t have to run around to seek honest credentials. We are one of the most trustworthy background verification companies in Bangalore. JantaKhoj has also started Aadhaar Card verification services in Bangalore. Get in touch with us for any kind of verification service you need in Bangalore.