Capitalize on trustworthy Verification Services in Delhi

Hiring the right candidate is very important for every company. Candidates present their academic and employment certificates to companies for selection. Sometimes, these companies feel the need to conduct employee background check. It can turn out to be a long, time-taking process. A background verification agency can make this easy. Many employees fake their employment history to get ahead. To prevent this malpractice, employment background checks can be done. An agency can also help with degree certificate verification. If you’re looking for academic certificate verification in Delhi, look for a reliable agency. A good agency can help students to verify their degree certificates in India. This makes it easier for them to apply to foreign universities. Education certificate verification helps to authenticate your documents for visa related purposes.

Delhi has a reputation for crimes against its citizens. Recognizing the need for safety in private cabs, we also provide cab drivers background verification. Aadhaar card is now becoming one of the most important documents for verification. If you need to get your domestic helps verified, we can even do Aadhaar card verification by name. Some companies in New Delhi also ask for criminal background checks.

JantaKhoj is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for background checks. We make it easier for you to conduct background verification. At JantaKhoj, trust comes first. Get us on board to help you with all your background check related needs. If you’re looking for verification services in Delhi, we’re here for you.