Episode 8 – JantaKhoj Comes to The Rescue!

“JantaKhoj is the solution to all your problems,” advised Mandeep.

“What do you mean?” asked Raunak, getting impatient.

“I mean it is a professional background verification company and India’s first and largest people search portal. Collecting and verifying information about people through various sources is their specialty. So you can trust their services.”

“So you are suggesting that I should do a complete background verification of any new driver I am hiring, through JantaKhoj?” asked Raunak, still not convinced that his problem could actually have such a simple solution.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying!”

“And what kind of verification will these JantaKhoj folks do?” came another question from Raunak.

“Okay, here’s what they will do,” replied Mandeep, preparing himself as if he was going to recite a story. “They will physically verify the current and permanent address of the driver, they will directly check with the police authorities to find out if the driver was ever involved in any criminal activity, they will check with the relevant RTO if the license of the driver is current and accurate, they will contact the past employer of the driver and get a full report on his performance and conduct. If you want to ask the past employer any specific questions, even that can be arranged.”

“They will do all this?” asked Raunak, his voice full of surprise.

“Yes they will do all this,” assured Mandeep. “I got my own driver verified by JantaKhoj before I hired him.”

“You did?”

“Yes I did. And I recommend the same for you. Selling your Mercedes is not the solution.”

There was a moment of silence after that. Raunak was wondering if he should really give up the idea of selling the car and start hunting for a driver again. On the one hand was his bad experience with the earlier two drivers and his phobia for strangers and on the other hand was Mandeep’s suggestion of this JantaKhoj. What was he to do? Considering that Mandeep rarely gave advice on anything, if he was recommending something, it should be worthwhile. So after a few moments of hesitation, Raunak asked, “But where will I get a new driver now?”

“Hmm” Mandeep sighed smiling.

“What?” Raunak asked, wondering if Mandeep had more aces up his sleeve.

“I’ll get you one.” Mandeep said after a brief pause. “He is a relative of my driver. Urgently needs a job. His name is Satpal Singh and he is from Punjab.”

So that was it, thought Raunak. All these suggestions from Mandeep were geared towards making him hire one more driver!

“No, don’t just trust my word!” exclaimed Mandeep, as if reading Raunak’s mind. Get help from JantaKhoj and do a thorough background verification for Satpal. Convince yourself and only then hire him. Sounds good?”

Raunak couldn’t stop himself from nodding his head in agreement at the proposal.

And so it was settled that the Singh household will have another driver and the Mercedes will not be sold. Lajjo’s smile reappeared on her face and Raunak, for a change, decided to leave the trouble to judging the appropriateness of Satpal Singh to JantaKhoj.

When Raunak got the final report from JantaKhoj, he was not only impressed by their efficiency in providing a comprehensive report of Satpal’s past, but also by the impeccability of Satpal’s records. He was almost convinced he had found the driver he was looking for.

When Raunak finally saw Satpal in his drawing room, his conviction was complete. Satpal’s face had an uncanny resemblance to his father! Similar height and stature, similar dressing style, similar thick moustaches. Even Lajjo was amazed.

Was that a sign that good times were ahead? Raunak wished to think so and instead of asking the usual questions to convince himself, he asked Satpal something different, “Are you satisfied with the salary I am offering you, or do you want more?”

“A little more salary would not hurt me sirjee,” replied Satpal Singh, smiling. “But for now I would be happy if you just give me the job. My mother is not well and I desperately need a job. If you are satisfied with my performance you can definitely pay me more.”

Here was a good man, thought Raunak, who desired only what he deserved. The law of karma had come full circle its course, and Raunak, ever so good and kind, had found someone who reflected these qualities. All with the auspices of JantaKhoj!

JantaKhoj comes  to the rescue

And thus, the society people once again witnessed Raunak and Lajjo resuming their socializing. Both of them loved the feeling of sitting together on the back seat of the car while Satpal drove the Mercedes as a Mercedes should be driven, with elegance and care.

And that’s where our story ends!

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