Stories are generally considered to be the best vehicles for communicating any idea. So when we, at Jantakhoj, thought about communicating the various benefits of people search and background verifications, our core competence, we thought why not do that through a story. Rather, a series of stories, each story focusing on one category of our offerings. So come Thursday and you will get introduced to a new member of our family. Two actually, Raunak Singh and his lovely wife, Lajwanti, a.k.a. Lajjo. And we will tell you the story of what all hurdles they went through before they got their perfect driver.

The idea of this story is to communicate the trouble a vehicle owner goes through to hire a good driver. What if the driver doesn’t turn out to be good? What if he has a criminal record somewhere, or has murdered somebody in his village and is on the run? Is there any way to find out for sure, before you hire the person as a driver? And what if you didn’t really think about cross checking his background, because you trust your reference that helped you get the driver? What can be the consequences of such a decision? And how can you avoid all these consequences with the help of services offered by Jantakhoj? This story will try to answer all these questions in a funny way. Humor, as they say, reduces the bitterness of the truth.

Oh, we almost forgot. Raunak Singh has personally come to say “hi” to all of you. So here you go…

Raunak Singh


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