Education Verification – The need of the hour

Education verification is becoming a crucial aspect for any person who wishes to take up a job or go for further studies. The huge demand and popularity has led to several agencies offering services for education verification. Education verification is referred to as education background verification/check, education check /degree verification, and is available for most higher education institutions (colleges and universities) in India.

What does education verification entail?

Education verification aims to cross check the certification and educational claims made by a candidate. It can also be used for a self-verification that may be required to be submitted to other institutions or organizations. A typical education verification service entails contacting the administrative department of colleges/universities, vocational schools, etc. in order to verify particulars like dates of attendance/graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, subjects studied, grades/percentage/CGPA, and any certification that the individual may have received. Usually the educational verification involves all post-secondary institutions that the individual has attended and the check is a major aspect of background verification for candidates seeking employment or wanting to pursue further education. Almost all organizations are going in for an education check of prospective applicants and existing employees as well.

The need for education verification

The education verification process has several advantages. The most important factor is that it serves as an honesty check, as a large number of candidates have been found to fabricate and falsify information in their application and ‘pad’ it with incorrect data in order to make it seem more appealing. This verification has become very important as in recent times many employees pose fake graduation or post-graduation certificates to land their dream jobs or for better pay or designation.

Recently it was in the news that a senior manager working in a reputed company was ousted from his position when it was discovered that his education qualifications were forged. The recent airline pilot’s fake degree scam also reinforces the necessity for a proper education verification conducted by a trusted third party verification agency.

Through this verification, the legitimacy of an employee’s education with respect to the degree, year of completion and the course pursued is verified by contacting the educational institution directly.

Challenges in the education verification process

It is very disheartening but only a few institutions have placed their graduate’s lists online. Also the Ministry of Human Resource Development sponsored National Database of Academic Qualifications is still in the nascent stage. Thus a physical visit to the institute becomes imperative in most cases.

Most establishments undertaking education verification just do a physical inspection of the certificates. In today’s day and age, tampering and forging of certificates is not a big deal. Authenticating a docket via post, phone or email with an institution in India is hardly feasible.

Consequently, the most reliable process is what we follow – The JantaKhoj Way. Herein, a field officer physically visits the registrar’s office with a photocopy of the certificate/mark sheets. The field officer then gets the document verified from the registrar and post ascertaining the authenticity of the docket gets it attested by the registrar.

Who should opt for education verification?

Education verification is a good choice if:
• You are a student seeking to begin further studies at a different institution, in the country or abroad.
• You are a planning to work abroad.
• You are an institution wanting to check the authenticity of the educational history of an applicant seeking a position with your institute.
• An organization wanting to ascertain the authenticity of its existing employee’s educational credentials.

Our recommendation:

We verify certificates/degrees across Class X, Class XII, Bachelor’s, and Master’s and Doctorate levels. At the minimum, we recommend that the highest-level certificate for every employee must be verified. Our results are comprehensive, and consider all aspect of the candidate’s reported credentials for reliable results.

Choose JantaKhoj – Your candidate. Our verification.

Choose wisely!

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