Employee Background Check & Employee Infidelity

The news of employee infidelity such as the one involving Citibank’s wealth manager or of the senior candidate who was hired as a practice head and was found to have furnished fake IIT and IIM certificate’s forced me think whether adherence to a strict and thorough employee background check policy across all companies would have averted these incidents and could have provided better opportunities for more deserving candidate’s. The second train of thought was if these people had managed to survive so long with forged credentials then they would have done a terrific job in covering their tracks and in making people believe in their educational and professional qualifications. Would employee background checks really help and if yes, how?

Before diving into the intricacies of an employee background check I think it is important to have a little understanding of human psychology. As human’s, most of us have a tendency to exaggerate our accomplishments. For some of us, it becomes a source of false but nevertheless, much needed confidence but for some it becomes a tool of trickery. Again most of us are afraid to lie from the fear of getting caught and from the rebuke that might follow, whereas for others lies become a source of false bravado and lulls them into thinking that they can trick anybody. However, there’s only one constant that remains unchanged for all of us, our past track record, which is open to scrutiny through an employee background check in a job applicant scenario.

A person trying to hide his past is akin to building a house from a pack of cards, all it needs is just one card to be displaced for the entire house to come crashing down. A thorough employee background check can help find discrepancies in the persons past that could lead to a better understanding of the candidate’s profile. I would not say that an employee background check is the be all and end all of hiring and retaining an employee – a lot also depends on the HR manager’s judgment and expertise. Employee background check, however, does provide a solid foundation for superior decision making.

We at JantaKhoj understand the need for gathering and providing companies with thorough employee background checks to allow them to make transparent, unbiased and uninfluenced decisions in their endeavor to hire and retain new talent.

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