Every Job is Temporary!

Love your job, but never fall in love with your company because you never know when the company stops loving you. —N. R. Narayana Murthy

Long long time ago, there was a Mr. X. He was fortunate to get a government job. Well, it was an era where a government job meant that the ‘person who got it, is settled for life’. He started working and he will retire from the same place very soon. He holds a better designation, a better salary and a lot of credibility for serving the organization for so long.

That was a different era when once associated with an organization, employees served for the organization until their retirement. I wonder how many of us could even relate to a scenario where we have to be in relationship with our organization for that long. This generation lives out of its comfort zone. “Loyalty towards company” is just a forgotten thing.

It’s a two way game – the company also plays a crucial role in making the employees feel unsettled. It must be a tough call for the companies also, to let go of its employees but it’s something which has become very common. This is also the primary driver in today’s world that make every job temporary as the company itself may jettison you because of any of these reasons:

– You are no longer useful to the company

– You are no longer performing at the right level

– Your role/team/division/centre is being downsized

From the employee’s perspective, if he/she is doing really well and gets a better opportunity, he moves. According to a survey 2015/2016 EMPLOYEE INTENTIONS REPORT”, 82% Indian Employees intend to switch job within 12 months. There are around 73% people who have already appeared in an interview or two.
every job temp

On one side, employees are enjoying various lucrative opportunity-filled markets, on the other side; there are organizations that are losing their star performers while the others are catching them with open hearts.

There are various reasons attributing to such change in the job market. The same report states a few as below:

Ø  Scope of career progression 65%
Ø  Increase in salary 56%
Ø  Company brand and reputation 45%
Ø  Learning and development 34%
Ø  Better title / promotion 31%
Ø  Potential for overseas career opportunities 23%
Ø  Office location / accessibility 18%
Ø  Other( Job security, job satisfaction, more challenging job) 2%

People value their career growth more than ‘Stability’. They are willing to move to different cities for better opportunities. In fact, overseas locations are one of the most sought after reason for change in jobs.

Employees in India feel confident and secure in the current job market, as the opportunities in the employment market continue to grow. With blooming career-opportunities-filled-market, employees are well aware of their own value in the market. It has lead to the situation – every job has become temporary.

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