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Resume Lies – Who loses more?

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In today’s world, small or big, an established or a start-up, all the organizations are moving towards – a stringent background verification process. Still, 87% discrepancies are found between the information supplied and information verified.

Story time-

Akbar was very fond of birds. One day a bird catcher came to his kingdom. He had a very colourful bird. The bird catcher informed Emperor Akbar about qualities of the colourful bird, who looked so beautiful and danced like a peacock and flew like an eagle. The emperor was very happy and the bird catcher was immediately rewarded with 50 gold coins. The bird catcher left the kingdom in a hurry.

When the bird catcher left Birbal said to the Emperor – “This bird is not dancing like a peacock. Maybe it needs a bath.” He asked for a glass of water.

When Birbal gave a bath to the bird, everybody was shocked to see that it wasn’t any special bird; it was just a pigeon. The bird catcher had fooled everybody.

Birbal saw colors on the bird catcher’s fingers and hence knew that it was no special bird. The bird catcher was caught and given a punishment.

Today’s background verification process is no less than Birbal’s sharp mind. Resume beautification of any sort is decoloured within no time. Who is the real loser in the entire process – the organization or the prospective candidate?

Of course, the organization loses on money and the most valuable resource – time, but eventually they find a suitable candidate who is apt for the role and has a resume which is correct – word by word. But what about the prospective candidate?

Candidate resigns from his current job to get the new one, which he got on basis of his embellished resume. After the bathing of the resume, that is, after the background verification, if there are any added colors, they are washed off.
In turn, firstly, the prospective candidate is shown the door on an immediate note. Secondly, his name is added in the blacklisted candidates list – which means he will never get a job in that organization, ever!

16th janWho is the bigger loser?

Of course, the prospective candidate! His both hands are empty – without this job and without that job, plus he will never get job in the company and its sister concerns.

There is a beautiful saying – “the wise learn from mistake of others!” Many have lost their jobs because of small or big lies in their resume. It’s better, we all pledge not to lie on the resume and get a job on basis of truthful information. It may be a painful search but when you finally land up on a job, you will have it, without any doubt. Let the colors be for fun!

2018 – HRM trends to look out for!

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Almost a whole year has passed by and a new year is soon to set in. The new year always brings a lot of new hopes and wishes with its dawn. Human resources teams are also geared up with new hopes of advancement with the advent of the new year, 2018.

Human resources have come a long way from being just a department for salary-dispersal and recruitment-station to handling complex grievances and doing in-depth background verification and strict training solutions, through the year, for all the employees. From being just another department to a strategic business development unit.

Progress takes time and those who make progress look easy, have worked extremely hard for the same. Here’s a small story for all of us:

A rich man, fond of felines, asked a famous Zen ink painter to draw him a cat. The master agreed and asked the man to come back in three months. When the man returned, he was put off, again and again, until a year passed.

Finally, after a year, the master drew out his brush and without any effort, within few seconds and in just a few strokes of brush, he drew the most amazing picture of a cat. That picture was unique and was marvellous.

More the rich man was astonished at the beauty of the picture, angrier and cheated he felt. “That drawing hardly took you few seconds! Why did you make me wait for an entire year?” he demanded.

Without saying even, a word, the master opened up a cabinet, and out fell thousands of drawings – of cats.

A pat on a back for entire community of HR. We still have miles to cover. 2018 is setting in and is going to bring in more transforms and advancements. Let’s see few key changes which are going to be new highlights of the next year –


1) Enhanced training and development process: Training is one of the most essential part of human resources. After all, if your axe is not sharp, it will take ages to cut down a tree.

The main focus would be on the way the training is imparted – for the employees, at their convenience and at their availability.

2) Advancing to employee experience: Today’s employee is already at the top most level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s time to upgrade the experience of working in an organization and keeping the priciest asset shining for the organization.

Technology should help us map personalized career advancement graph and tailored training & development and engagement technique, for his best experience.

3) Flexible job timings: A piece of work should be done within the time frame with full secrecy maintained, but the place where the employee chooses to work and the time which suits him, should be valued. Permanent to contract jobs or part time jobs, are just a few changes which are going to be main trends for the year to come.

4) Digitalizing HR: Human resources have tremendous paper work. The challenge would be to reduce the load by used of technology, fasten the process of recruitment, assessing the training needs and imparting training and integrating all these for every individual, with help of technology.

The main focus would be to make a better world for the employees and human resource has to take up this challenge to make this come true. The best way to predict future is to create it and I guess we are on the right way!

Happy New Year!!

What if I don’t lie on my resume?

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Don’t lie on your CV; untrue credentials can land you in a soup. This has been a topic well written on and read by almost all. We have statistics and data proving how lies on resume affects people and how they lose their jobs!

What if I don’t lie on my resume?

Mr. X has a gap of two years. He was working before but eventually lost his job due to recession and didn’t get another one till now. Not even a small one. He somehow survived these two years. Now, when the market is gearing up, he was desperate to get a job.

There is an opening in an organization; it is a dream job for Mr. Y. The job opening is an absolute match to his profile except one thing: the requirement is for a graduate; he has an MCA degree.

Mr. Z is a very efficient employee of a small organization. He has been waiting to switch to a bigger organization with better career prospect. For most organizations, 10th and 12th percentage cut off is 60%. Unfortunately, his percentage is around 57% for both.

All these situations are quite common. Also, most ideal for fabricating the resume and presenting wrong proofs for the same. Isn’t it!

What is the way out?

Situation 1: Career gaps.

If Mr. X gets tempted to hide this gap, employment verification is enough to bring the truth out. No company’s false documents or no company’s false seal works.

If Mr. X doesn’t lie, what is the best possible way to present the same?

First of all, he should mention these two years gap. He can present it in a positive manner. He can use fancy words like – professional sabbatical. To support this sabbatical, he may explain how he spent these two years – developing new skills, or used this time to follow his passion. Lastly, state how ready he is to get back to the corporate life again, filled with fresh energy.

Remember the three points whenever there is a career gap:

  • Be prepared: If you have mentioned the gap be prepared with your answer.
  • Be honest: Even today, honesty is the best policy. Use it.
  • Be positive: This is the most important part. Whatsoever you say, say it positively. Don’t complain about the bad market or slow growth or anything. Whatever you say, matters. Your positive energy should pull through this gap.

12th decSituation 2: Mismatch of degree for a dream job.

Mr. Y had a mismatch in his degree. So, he followed the best way. He put everything correct on his resume.

In case of degree mismatch, there is one thing which Mr. Y or anyone can add in their resumes:

  • Show your skills with examples: You are well aware of the job opening. You know what skills is a must for the job. If you have that skill and have worked on the same, mention it specifically. State it clearly. Not your degree, but your skills and abilities will get you the interview call.

Situation 3: Percentage cut off mismatch.

Well, most organizations are very stringent about the 10th and 12th marks cut off. So, there is just one way to get the job in those organizations.

  • Be true – If the organization overlooks your marks on basis of your experience, you may get the interview call. If you don’t then you should just wait to gain more experience.

If you lie, you may get the job. But once the result of education verification comes out, you will be shown the door from your dream company, that too for your whole life and will certainly lose the other ones too!

Hard truth is better than a soft lie. No matter how much we color our resume to beautify it, the truth shall be disclosed. Truth is like the sun; one can hide it out for some time, but it will shine when the clouds depart. So let’s play smart. Be courageous enough to face the truth and be prepared to present the same in a positive mode. Let’s all shine bright! Let’ all be true!


Background Verification – the complete picture!

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Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers told them, “Hey, there is an elephant in the village today.”

They had no idea what an elephant is. They decided, “Even though we would not be able to see it, let us go and feel it anyway.” All of them went where the elephant was. Every one of them touched the elephant.

First one touched the elephant’s leg, he said, “Hey, the elephant is a pillar.”

Second one touched the elephant’s tail, he said, “Oh, no! It is like a rope.”

Third one touched the trunk and he said, “Oh, no! It is like a thick branch of a tree.”

Fourth man touched the elephant’s ear and said, “It is like a big hand fan.”

Fifth one touched the belly and said, “It is like a huge wall.”

Sixth man touched the tusk and said, “It is like a solid pipe.”

All were partially correct and incorrect at the same time. They all stood by their words and kept fighting till another wise man came and placed the complete picture in front of them. He said, “All of you are right. Each one of you touched different part of the elephant and so your description doesn’t match. If you put all the parts together, that makes a complete elephant.”

Whenever there is any job opening in any organization, what all does an organization look for in the aspirant? Is it only the technical know how? Or it is just the behavioral competency? Or is the picture larger than our assumption, just like a complete elephant!

Well, not just one or two competencies are an essential for getting a job, but the complete picture looks quite different. There are two layered-verification most organizations follow – the foreground and the background. Let’s take an elaborate look at the same: 29th nov

We all go through the technical round and HR round – the foreground check, which decides whether we will get the job.

After a candidate clears the foreground check and is considered for the job, the next question is – whether he would be able to keep the job or not! The deciding factor is – background check.

In background check, the following checks are quite known to all – address, criminal, education, employment and reference verification. Social media scan has also been added to the background check to understand the applicant’s behavior on social media.

CIBIL Score and Report – This is another part of the elephant, hidden to the eyes of most applicants! We often relate CIBIL score with financial score which is essential for getting loans. Now, even if one a has good or bad credit history how is it going to affect the person in getting a job?

Well, the score speaks very loudly of the two most important characteristic of an individual – trustworthiness and reliability. If the applicant has a good score, it means he has been doing what he was expected to. He is trustworthy and reliable.

On the other hand, if the score is bad, that individual has somewhere breached a trust and hence, more likely, he will break the organization’s trust too. He is not considered reliable and the job offers slip out of that individual’s hand.

Technical knowledge is as important as the personal characteristic of an individual. The information in an organization is confidential and is not to be shared by anyone to anyone. Hence, personal attributes are given a lot of importance. One wrong recruit may turn out to be very costly. So, every organization wants to be extra careful while recruiting and is giving equal importance to background checks also.

As a job applicant, we all should be aware of the entire recruitment process. Not just one or two factors decide whether we will get the job and keep it as well, but there are many. Be aware, be smart, get, set and go towards your dream job!


Higher the position, greater the loss!

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With great power, comes great responsibility!

Mr X and Mr Y are at different levels in an organization. Mr. X is an employee in an organization which is headed by Mr Y. Mr X’s jurisdiction is very small as compared to Mr Y’s. When it comes to invigilation, Mr. X has to report to his manager and accordingly to the next higher positions which eventually goes up to Mr Y. While Mr Y has to report to the auditors and to the shareholders/owners of the organizations – Mr Y has very less supervision as compared to Mr X.

If Mr X takes a wrong turn and does a fraud of course, it is going to harm the organization and its goodwill but to what extent?

If Mr Y does any fraud, can you imagine the extent of harm which the organization is going to face?

According to a study, the number of frauds done by employees at base level and at managerial positions is very high, and the number of frauds done by higher level (executives/owner) is very less.


Although, the loss which happens collectively by huge numbered employee group and managerial group versus small numbered owner/executive group says it all:


The financial loss is huge when it comes to executive/owner frauds. Not only the financial loss, the goodwill is also shattered if the head of the organization or a higher management executive does any fraud.

Westar CEO David Wittig was convicted in September 2005 for having taken millions of unaccounted dollars from his company. 

Ramlinga Raju, the chairman and founder of software service giant Satyam, admitted that he had fiddled with the firm’s account and that led to major financial crisis in that organization.

In a recent multi-crore Temple Rose fraud case, Ramesh Aghicha (57), who was heading the Pune branch of the company, was nabbed.

These frauds could have been brought to light at an early stage also. The most important thing is – being extra vigilant. Various ways of being vigilant and combating frauds can be:

  • Regular Internal and external audits
  • Constant Surveillance/Monitoring
  • Repeated Management Review
  • Strict Documentation Examination
  • IT Control
  • Complete Account Reconciliation

Every organization needs to be aware of what is going on at all level of its ladder, be it at the junior level or the senior management level. Frauds happen at the top and along with the organization; many have to pay a price for the same. Plus, there is no harm in being extra vigilant, even employees should understand that if they don’t have anything to hide, then let there be more transparency. After all, true prevention is not waiting for frauds to happen; rather it’s preventing frauds from happening in the first place. So, let’s be more vigilant.


Small Lie – Big trouble: Resume Lies

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A single lie discovered is enough to create a doubt in every truth.

In 1981, Janet Cooke lost American journalism’s highest honour, the Pulitzer Prize and her job when her work was exposed as a hoax. The revelation surfaced after it was discovered that she had lied on her resume´ and her biographical record.

Twenty years later, football coach George O’Leary resigned from one of the most coveted jobs in college sports when it was discovered that he had falsified his academic and athletic accomplishments decades earlier.

Enhancing one’s resume and presenting it for a particular job opening – is it really lying?

A job applicant had embellished his resume with an experience in a particular skill/domain, of which he hardly had any knowledge about. He was looking forward for a switch and this position was quiet luring. He really wanted to get, at least, an interview call. Sadly, for that particular job, a mandatory condition was some work experience in that skill/domain. Hence, he manipulated his resume and updated his job description, from just a known skill/domain; he included it as good experience in the same.

Another job applicant included a language as known. He couldn’t read, write or speak that language. He knew just a few words.

One of the job applicants played with his existing position name and added accolades and awards.

Are all these lies or just beautification of resume?

2nd novWell, statistics show that about 75% job applicants lie to beautify their credentials. All these have increased due to a tough job market. Candidates get tempted to lie to score at least an interview for the job opening. But is it right?

Not at all! Beautifying one’s resume is basically lying about his/her own potential, which is as wrong as presenting fake documents. Not any big lies, not any small lies. In today’s world, most of the organizations have reached zero-tolerance towards frauds. About 38% organizations do not consider a candidate if they find out about a candidate lying on their resume! So one misses out a chance to join that organization then and forever!

If at all a person joins that organization by fluke and later he is unable to match the potential he claims in his resume, his job can be terminated. This may happen immediately or after many years. Of course, resume is that sheet of paper which gets you that interview call which you have been waiting for, but it can also work as a fraud proof against you.

A lie is after all a lie. So, let’s get back to our original resume and remove the added filters!


Iterative Background verification

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There was a perfect candidate for a vacancy and he was a sought after candidate. A renowned company hired him. His post background verification was all clear and he was hired. Two years passed by and he progressed to higher roles and responsibilities.

It was a good time for him professionally but bad on his personal front. He was in a lot of debt. He was in a lot of stress. To top it all, he took to taking drugs.

His organization was not aware about the recent developments in his life; they were very happy with the way he was progressing. His organization had full faith in him.

He was depressed and needed some extra money. He was not a bad person but the situation was extremely adverse. No one was there for him. So he took an extreme step.

He took a wrong measure to get some extra money a year back, but his organization is still paying the price.

With frauds and crime on a high, can companies take the chance of neglecting background verification during recruitments?

Maybe not.

Most organizations are strictly following background verification process during recruitment. If any candidate fails the background verification check, he is not taken in. On the other hand, the ones who clear the same are brought on-board.

Is it possible that the same employee after joining the organization may fall prey to bad habits like drugs or may commit an unnoticed crime beyond the premises of organization?

Of course, it is.

In the above situation, the employee was a good catch. He was given additional responsibility and a better role. In short, more power. The more powerful an employee, the more vulnerable the organization.

What’s the solution?

Iterative background verification.

12octWhenever there is a promotion, salary is revised. When there is change in address, profile is updated. When there is new addition in employee’s family, his/her insurance card or other benefits are updated.

Now all these are good, but there may be some updates on the personal side as well. Like a home violence complaint against the employee, or a drug addiction or some other kind of criminal complaint. If an employee doesn’t tell, it’s difficult for an organization to know.

Simple solution is – whenever a promotion is granted, repeat the background verification process. Or, like a revised annual salary, have revised background verification as well, every year.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Once there is a harm, it takes years together to get back. Let’s not be penny-wise, pound-foolish!

Brace yourself for social media scans!

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Social media has become a necessity, a medium of communication, a status symbol, an influencer or a habit. Everyone has been touched by social media. It has become an integral part of our lives. All of us freely share our thoughts, positive or negative with the rest of the world. A survey says these are most popular reasons for sharing information on social media:

29th sept

Let’s assume two gentlemen – Mr. X and Mr. Y.

Mr X was a young promising individual. He led a dual life – professional and personal. In his  professional life, he worked for a renowned  firm. He had sound technical knowledge and was a part of a very critical project with highly confidential data.

His personal life was a complete social one, at least on the social media platforms. He had thousands of followers on various social media platforms. He loved to update his each and every achievement on all platforms without fail.

The professional project he was working for was a prestigious one and just to flaunt his status in his company and to show off his important role in that project, he leaked little ‘harmless’ data. 

 Well, he had to give a resignation after that and the company suffered a great loss. There was no malice in his heart but his ignorance and desire to flaunt his status in that crucial project, was very expensive for both him and his organisation. 

 He left that job, found another and life went on.

At present, he is part of another important project.  

 Mr Y was a very aggressive and promising employee of another organization. Whether the project was strictly time lined or the resources scarce, he used to finish the project in his hand on time. Always! He was the kind of resource who was hard to find.  

 There was a time, when the company was not doing very well in the market and hence it didn’t give increments to its employees. It happened for three consecutive quarters. This situation is not uncommon. It happens!

 Mr Y didn’t take this well and found another job for himself. This opportunity matched his expectations. 

 He updated his new found job on social media, an absolute mandatory step in current times; He expressed his happiness for his new found job and along with that, he also posted a negative comment about his previous organization. 

An employee of three years posting a negative comment on his social media platform, does it harm the company’s goodwill? Anyhow at the moment, Mr. Y is at a good position in the same company he joined later, but the market is not that good, again!

These are real life scenarios. It happens. But are organization of today ready for such employees?

You can’t buy goodwill, you can only earn it! We all need to be more responsible when we work for an organization and if not, will the organizations have to pay the price?

Of course not!

Social media scans are here. It helps organizations to verify the potential candidate on the social media front too. It scans various social media and business networking sites, blog sites, micro blogging sites, photo/video sharing sites, and other web resources to flag any potentially negative information about the potential candidate.

Mr X and Mr Y both, are at responsible positions, but who wants to take a chance, they might not make the same mistake! Or they may! Who knows? It’s always better to be safe than be sorry!



Travel Agency – Background Verification

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I went to shop at a hyper market and there was a well suited man, who was doing some survey. Being a fresh pass out of an MBA college and knowing the pain of getting these surveys filled, I instantly filled the survey. It was an interesting survey for a well known travel agency and I was happy to fill it. To add to my excitement, there were few FREE gifts too.

I filled the survey and forgot about it. After a few days, I got a call about the lucky draw and the gifts which I won. I was supposed to go to their office at a particular time, to collect the same.

Unfortunately, I, along with a friend, went ahead to collect various gifts. Before handling over me the gift, they requested us to see their holiday packages and other offerings. It didn’t sound very weird, so we sat to get some information. There were many couples and families with kids, who were getting information on the packages. All the set up looked quiet real to me and to my friend too; they started showing all the offers they had just for that particular hour of the day, and trust me, the offers were just amazing. I fell in love with the offers, the photos and the whole feeling and impression, they created in my head. After an hour or so, I ended up paying around Rs. 15000. They wanted me to pay around Rs. 45000. I didn’t have that much money so I informed them that I will get it done by the next day.

Then the first suspicious thing happened – they started behaving very weirdly. They were really pushing me to pay the entire amount. Then it started smelling like a rotten fish. After coming back from their office, when I explored their whereabouts on net, I realised that I was duped, fooled and cheated. The very next day, I went to that place again, there was no trace of those people.

A 2016 report states that the travel industry does the maximum online transaction –








There are many travel agencies in India, registered or unregistered. Almost all of them have one thing in common, the flashy tour packages, beautiful location, amazing pictures of family/friends enjoying and a perfect plan for you. Their employees have impeccable communication skills and incredible convincing power. If you talk to them, everything seems to be so dreamy – location wise, price wise, food-wise and in every way possible.

Reality is something else. India is facing a new challenge in the tourism sector. Below chart shows the same –

chart 2







Online money transactions involved in this sector makes it very vulnerable sector. The fraud is on high rise. People have paid the travel agents in lacks per head or even in crores for nothing.

Few cases which were reported were:

A group of people, who paid lakhs per head for a luxurious trip to a hill station and were promised a personal Volvo bus, were stuffed in already packed buses.

A family booked a resort through an agent, did the entire money transaction, just to find out that there was no booking done for that resort.

One gentleman was cheated to the tune of about one crore rupees in the name of an international tour package.

These are just a few reports which made headlines; there are many reported and unreported frauds which happen in the name of tourism every day.

How are we ever going to curb such things?

Of course, background verification.

Before doing any money transaction, everyone must do a background check of the travel agent – personally or by a third party. Even before buying a small thing, we do read the reviews. What’s the harm in reading about the travel agent you are dealing with.

If there are only few reviews online and still you want to confirm about a perfect trip and of course, if the amount is huge for the travel, being sure about the trip ahead is more sensible. Verifying a tour agency is much cheaper than paying an entire amount in lakhs per person or crores and getting duped. At least, we will know what to expect from the travel agency.

With the way time is changing, where schools have also become a crime place, it’s better to plan a trip with a travel agent whose background verification result is clear. This keeps our plan as expected and safe and sound! So, let’s be informed and let’s be strong. What do you think?

Chart 1-
Chart 2 –

Schools and a new need – background verification

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Guru Goviund doiu Khade, Kake lagu pav
Balihari guru apne, Govind diyo bataye!

Once, Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati were holding court when all deities were paying their respect to them. While this was going on, suddenly Lord Shiva stood up, turned and offered namaskaram to someone. Devi Parvati was very surprised and asked who was the recipient of namaskaram of God of Gods – Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva, after taking blessing from him, spoke to Devi Parvati and said he was honouring – the Guru!

Exactly that position is held by gurus in India. We give that much respect to our gurus-teachers. And why not, after all they are the ones who lead us from darkness to light.

Let’s see few headlines from newspapers:

A 42-year-old headmaster of a private school in Puducherry’s Karaikal district has been arrested on the charge of sexually harassing a kindergarten girl student, 5-years old.

 A physical education teacher of a government aided higher secondary school in Tamil Nadu has been arrested on the charge of sexually harassing a Class 8 girl student.

 A secondary grade teacher of a primary school at Sultanpet, on the outskirts of the city, was suspended for allegedly sexually harassing a Class 5 student.

 An eight years old girl from Maxfort School, Rohini, Delhi was molested by a teacher for a second time in April this year, the last time being in August last year, within the school premises. 

 Another incident that came into light was that of one of Bangalore’s Vibgyor High school, where a six year old girl was allegedly molested by a school staff person.

 The headmaster of a government school in West Bengal was arrested today for allegedly sexually harassing several schoolgirls.

These are just a few incidents which were reported and hence came to our notice; you can well imagine the number of cases which go unreported!

Children are extremely vulnerable and the place which should protect them is where all these heinous crimes have happened. Few teachers, whom we refer to as gurus, have become predators! Instead of protecting the children, they have chosen a disgusting alternate path.

The first thing that comes to mind is – What’s wrong with the world?

Well, I guess in such a time, we need to protect our children, even in schools. How do we protect children in schools? What is the way out?

Background Verification!

Your mind may say – Why, why background verification for school-associated employees and how is it going to curb such incidents?

Another recent incident –

A teacher behaved inappropriately with the student and when the administrator came to know the same, he was sacked. The parents were too weak to report the case; they felt their child will have a bad name. School didn’t report out of fear of having a bad name too. So, the teacher was simply shown the door.

This teacher took up another teaching job in another school. He repeated the same thing there too.

Had the new school done background verification on this teacher, the new school wouldn’t have hired him and most importantly, a child’s faith on a school and on the world wouldn’t have been destroyed.

schoolI guess, time has come when we need to turn few pages of every one’s lives to see, if that person is worth the responsibility! Every school should be proud to have all employees, who pass background verification tests. Background check results should be one of the strongest points to attract more parents to get their child/children enrolled in that school. And why not, safety comes before everything!

The ones, who are in danger, are the ones who need us to protect them. If any damage is done, it is going to be there throughout their lives. Their faith is going to be devastated. The damage is permanent!

Let’s take this seriously. Let’s take this up urgently. Information holds power – let’s be informed, let’s be powerful and let us keep the faith of our children – intact.