Let’s weed out the wrongs!

An incident with Swami Vivekananda-

 Long time ago, Swami Vivekananda visited Varanasi. One day, he was returning from a temple and a troop of monkeys started chasing him. Swami Vivekananda didn’t know what to do; so to save himself, Swamiji started running. He was running with all his might but the monkeys were faster. They chased him aggressively.

Suddenly, a stranger shouted out loud to Swamiji—
“Stop. Don’t run. Face them!”

Vivekananda heard it. He just stopped there and turned back. He stared at the monkeys – boldly.

The monkeys got confused. They actually got scared and immediately stopped harassing Swamiji and ran away.

A top-position employee, a popular colleague, a top-boss’s nephew: their activities has proved time and again that something is not right. But due to undue position/et all pressure, no background verification is done. The organization is scared to face the situation.

No action is taken.

Ultimately, the organization pays a huge price for frauds that surfaces. It leads to – loss of money, loss of information or damaged image and goodwill.

If an employee has started behaving in an odd way and has suddenly become irregular or has started picking up fights with the colleagues for no reason, rather than taking it as a family/personal problem, the organization should go ahead with medical verification to find out the real reason. In case of any other doubts, financial verification or credit score verification can be done.

9oct18On basis of doubt, at times the result may be negative. The organization will certainly lose some money but rest assure, it is still a-no-loss deal. Imagine the situation, your doubt was right!

Don’t let background verification be a mandatory step in the recruitment process. It’s a weapon to deal with those who are in the system and are planning to harm the organization’s back. Use it. Reiterate the process for every level. It’s always better to face the danger, an organization must be aware of possible danger! Rightly said, awareness is like sun – when it shines, it gives you a better perspective to act before it’s too late!

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