Self help – The best strategy for tough time

Once upon a time, there lived a very hard working and honest cart driver. He was always true to his work and he believed in God immensely. He never forgot to thank god even in the smallest achievements of his and prayed to him multiple times in a day.

One fine morning while he was on his way to the market, his cart’s wheel got stuck in mud. His cart was very heavy. He looked at it and started crying. He sat there in dismay and started praying to God, “God please come and help me. Look at this; I am in deep trouble. Help! I pray to you every day. Come and help me.”

God appeared and said, “You just need to pull up the cart’s wheel with your shoulder.”

The man argued, “Why can’t you come and help me, God. I am in such a mess.”

God answered,” My son, I help those who help themselves!”

“Your wish is my command, God!” With this thought, he pulled himself up and with all his strength; he pulled the cart out of the mess.

Well, self help is the only strategy which can pull us out of soups. Imagine the following real life situations –

  1. There is an open position for a senior level which demands highly specific-skilled labour. Resource is modest. After a lot of head hunting, finally a candidate is found who fits all the requirements. Already a lot of time has been spent on finding the right candidate; the “urgent hiring” needs to be closed. Plus, he is at a high position; he won’t fail you, right! 
  1. An employee has been in the organization for more than five years – which is quite unheard off these days! Anyhow, now this employee is behaving in a funny way. He comes late, his performance has gone down from excellent to average and he misbehaves with his colleagues and worst of all, he is showing a lot of aggression at times. Everyone around him feels, it is just a phase or maybe he is having trouble back at home, hence the weird behaviour.

These two situations may result as they look, the new hire gets the freshness in the organization and as expected, he is the best hire. While, the employee has a house trouble and the phase goes away. He is back on track.

Now, let’s talk about the real world.

Consequence 1:

The employee had to deal with the most important client of the organization. The organization had a lot of trust on the new hire. He along with the existing team went for the meeting with the client. The new hire had some major behavioural issues and he spoilt the entire meeting. The client cancelled the deal.

Post this incident, a background verification was done. The result was horrific – He was fired from three organizations, mentioned on his resume, due to his behavioral issues. The existing organization was planning to fire him, before which he resigned and took up this job.

Consequence 2:

The employee showing weird behavior is a result of drugs. He does a fraud to earn some extra pound for his new addiction.

In both the cases, the organization had to face the brunt. Financial losses were huge and the worst was the goodwill damage.

God is not going to come to help the organizations. The only way to save the financial as well as goodwill loss, is to help your own self – if only the organizations had done a background verification and an iterative background verification respectively for the candidate and the employee would have saved the organization in both the cases.

It takes time to earn the goodwill and no time to lose it. Don’t leave it on God; the situation is not going to be fine if you don’t want it to be. Every organization, small or big will have to take a step towards safeguarding its goodwill. Self-help your organization and God will lead the organization to light. Always!

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