6 Background Verification Needs in the IT & ITeS Sector

The IT and ITeS sector represents a vast spectrum of organizations and to suggest a common set of background verifications would be an over simplification. However, based on our past experience, we have drawn out trends and compiled six checks that we think are valuable for the IT/ ITeS sector.

  • Ensure that education verification for the highest degree is done for the entry-level and junior employees.
  • The next important check is work experience verification – typically done for the last two employers.
  • Your employees may access critical customer data. So, it is essential that they are trustworthy and honest. So, always ensure an address verification of the permanent and current address. If something goes wrong, you know where to find them!
  • Carrying the previous point further, a few of your employees might handle critical software or data or intellectual property. So, it is better to run a round of criminal verification (police record) or criminal database check on the candidate before extending the offer letter.
  • If your employee is going to serve in the BFSI industry (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), a credit and financial check is imperative.
  • Reference checks still remain useful in the IT and ITeS sectors. However, they are treated as auxiliary checks especially owing to the potential of false references.

So, does your organization invest in these imperative background checks?

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