Announcing New Feature – Adding Your Entry in People Search

We had received requests from some users of People Search that they were not able to find their own entries in the search and would be keen to have their details entered. Till now, we were asking such requests to be sent by mail. And these were then added to the People Search database.

We are pleased to bring the user entry feature online through a web form, doing away with the need for sending details via mail. The option shows up in the form of a message ‘Unable to find your record! Click here to add your details’, just below the People Search entry fields, after a search has been done.

Once the web form has been submitted, the details start showing up in the People Search results after a few hours. The record is clearly marked as ‘User generated record’ in the search results to distinguish it from the publicly available records.

We hope that this feature will make the People Search even more useful. Your feedback is always welcome.


    1. Dear Deepak,

      We have been processing the remaining states, including Chhattisgarh. We hope to have these ready in a few more weeks.


  1. Hai,I used this website to search a person who lives in bangalore.I entered his age too but it gave results which does not match that person.Will you please help me to find that person?I also want to know that this website only displays the information who uses net or has account in any website?

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