Background Verification is the new Hippocratic Oath

“Only constant thing in life is – CHANGE.” – Heraclitus

Once upon a time there was a land where the whole community lived under one big glass dome. For generations the families had been born, lived and died under the glass dome. And the story that was passed down from generation to generation was if you ever did step outside of the glass dome, you would surely die. So, no one had ever dared to step outside the glass dome.

There was a young man who looked outside and what he could see was that the outside world – which was extremely pleasant. There was green glass till he could see, beautiful and colourful flowers all over the place. There were birds that flew freely. There were many small and big animals that had a lot of space to roam around. In the rainy season, he could see the rain drops but could never feel it.

All he wanted was – change. A life away from the closed glass dome. A life where he could feel free.

One fine day, to everyone’s horror, he opened the door. People tried to stop him but he was quick, he moved out and closed the door behind.

As the people in the glass dome watched intently, the man waved back to them and looked all around him. And then, to everyone’s’ amazement, the man began to dance softly in the green, green grass — moving this way and that way, trying out his arms and legs that seemed to work perfectly well. He smelled the beautiful flowers, felt the fresh air and enjoyed the freedom he finally got.

After that night passed and the man survived and was super happy, it was time for a big change and the glass dome door was open. The myth was broken and everyone enjoyed the world outside the closed dome.

There was a time when there were many frauds/incorrect information/erroneous hires of various employees, house helps and drivers among others. Not only on the job front, but also on the personal ground, marriages happened just on basis of word of mouth. There had been many irreversible/reversible damages.
It was like the organization was a dome and the hires’ were considered to be true irrespective of the truth, that may be. No one ever ventured out to separate the facts and fiction. And then there was – background verification.
Background verification has opened that closed door and is seeking the truth. The right and worthy candidates are being honored and the wrong candidates are shown closed doors.

5decBackground verification can cover a variety of credentials:
 Identification documents
 Educational qualification
 Employment history
 Address
 Criminal records
 References
 Social media history
 Credit history

Organizations as well as individuals can benefit from background verification. Background verification is more a boon than a cost and hence it has become the new Hippocratic oath which organizations of every size and individuals seem to be taking. Let’s do no harm.

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