Fake Resume can cost you!

It’s a story about a crow.

This crow was in search of some food when he spotted some pigeons eating grains. It was a big field and lots of grains were there, just lying on the floor. This crow came down and started eating with them.

When the pigeons saw the crow and realized that he is also eating their food, they discussed with the other pigeons about how this black bird is different from them. The pigeons decided that this black bird should not eat with them. As a result, they attacked the crow with their beaks.

The crow hurriedly flew away.

But he didn’t give up! He saw some white colour powder in a big vessel. He quickly went there and rolled in the colour so that he is coloured white.

The crow thought; now that he looks a little like the white pigeons, the pigeons will let him eat the grains.

The crow silently joined and started eating. This time the pigeons discussed that the bird looked like them, but his walk! Oh well, that was very different. They again attacked the crow.

The crow flew away! But again, he thought if only he could go to that field, he can easily get so much food without any hard work. So, he didn’t give up. He started practicing the pigeon walk and also learnt how to eat like them.
When he learnt the new skills, he went to the field.

This time, the pigeons were unaware that a crow was eating with them. His colour was white and his walking style and eating style was exactly like a pigeon.

The crow was extremely happy with his new fake identity, now he was getting enough food to eat.

Just a few days later, when he was eating grains together with other pigeons, he saw a flock of crow; they were cawing and flying high in the sky. The crow was so happy to see the other crows and he also started to caw with them.
When the pigeons found out that their look-alike is actually a crow, they got very furious and attacked the crow and injured it real bad.

In real life, very often we face similar situations. A pigeons is any organization and the crow is any candidate who tries to beautify their resumes. Till when can you hide the truth?

5aprilMost of the times, the truth is uncovered during background verification and if at all the candidates covers it up with the fake learnt skills, well, eventually, the truth is uncovered.

If any job requires a certain years of experience in a certain skill, be sure they would find out in no time whether you are a skilled candidate or a novice. Once the truth is uncovered, it’s bad for the candidate/employee. By all this faking up, you may cause a bad damage to your career graph.

Your promotion may be halted or worse, you may be shown the door and even blacklisted from the organization.

If your calibre is of a crow or a pigeon or an eagle, you present that as your strength. Take a harder route to find the right place to fit in according to your capability. Faking in your resume means you are going to jeopardize your own career graph. Faking in resumes is not worth it! What do you say?

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