Interview with Mr. L.Hari, Inteq on Background Verification

Mr. L Hari, Executive Director, Inteq Software shares his opinion about background verifications (BGV) with JantaKhoj

Q: What do you think are the key areas of focus for HR in your organization?

A: Key areas of focus for HR in Inteq are Recruitment, Skill development through training, Performance Monitoring and Counselling.

Q: What are the challenges that you face in your day to day work?

A: Getting the right candidate within the budget constraints and managing employee expectations are two of the most critical challenges that we face in our day to day work.

Q: How has employee background verification helped you? Could you give us a few examples?

A: Positive BGV reports provide the comfort level to the organization on the integrity of the employees. It makes our clients more confident about our employees.

Q: Does BGV cut down on bad hiring?

A: Yes. Since candidates, after being shortlisted, are intimated about the verification process, those with dubious records drop out at that stage itself.

Q: How has employee background verification impacted the attrition rate in your organization?

A: It has helped reduce employee attrition to some extent.

Q: Is the BGV conducted pre/post offer in your organization?

A: BGV is conducted on the candidates after they are given the offer letters.

Q: Has BGV boosted the market image for your organization? How?

A: Yes it has boosted the market image of our organization as it indicates that we care about the integrity of the employees.

Q: Could you describe if /how outsourcing BGV has helped to save your time and has allowed you to focus more on core HR issues?

A: Since our intakes are not large and we do not have the competence or the necessary infrastructure to carry out background verification, this has been outsourced.

Q: Would you have any suggestions/recommendations for BGV providers?

A: BGV providers depend on working with other vendors to carry out their tasks. A tougher screening process could be introduced before such associations are made.

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