It ain’t a one man’s army!

The model for success, in this tumultuous environment with the increasing work pressure, deadlines, multiple tasks, varied timings is – TEAMWORK.

Together We Achieve More – is very rightly said as none of us are as smart as all of us! To achieve this perfect winning team, strategy needs to be built from its inception.

It ain't a one man's army

To understand it better, let me take you to the childhood story of hare and tortoise. We all know about the famous race of hare and tortoise where the slow and steady tortoise wins the race and the fast and overconfident hare sleeps in between and loses the race. Well, the story doesn’t ends here. There is a twist in the tale.

Hare does a root cause analysis and understands his mistake. He goes to the tortoise and requests him to reconsider the race. Tortoise agrees. This time, hare doesn’t sleep and wins the race.

Moral: Fast and steady wins!

Tortoise does some self- analysis and with the outcome he gets, he strategizes the race. He goes to the hare and requests for another race but through a different route. Overconfident hare, without getting into the details, agrees for the race. The race starts. Hare, fast and steady, was about to finish the race when he saw a big stream between him and the destination in the decided route. Tortoise wins the race.

Moral: Slow, steady and strategy wins!

Hare was disappointed but didn’t lose hope. Hare and tortoise by now had become good friends with good communication. So, hare suggests tortoise for a final race through the last route. Tortoise agrees. Race begins. Hare carries tortoise on his back on the land. Tortoise carries hare through the stream. They win the race together in the minimum lead time.

Moral: Fast, steady, strategy, collaboration, trust in team, responsibility of carrying each other safely, competency identification, clear goal, fun working in team and good communication wins!

Everyone needs to take a lesson from hare and tortoise – to work in teams.

  • We need to depend on others for their core competency and to do collaborative work.
  • We need to put faith in everyone in the team that they will handle the work with utmost efficiency.
  • Unambiguous roles and comprehensible vision is a must so that all move in same direction and reach the final destination in minimum time.
  • Good communication and fun within the team turns rough routes to smooth rides.

Need of the hour is to involve the teams into varied team activities. Interact and solve the inter-team conflicts. Rise with your army and shine together. Carve the road together and success will follow!!

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