Low productivity – Who will take the blame?

Low productivity - Who will take the blame?
Have you ever been lost in the woods and then tried to look back for the starting point? Well, I have been lost many a times and have learnt a lesson to track back to get to the right path.

An organization thrives on employees and their productivity. Good employees always make good company. But what if the productivity of employees is questioned? What if the output is not as expected out of the employees? If the output is not up to the mark, it is the time track back.

Low productivity can be due to many reasons. If we analyse and try to figure out the main causes, we will get many explanations for the productivity decline. Few might be –

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Emotional
  • Health related, etc.

If employee faults once, it is still accepted but what if the employee’s performance has been persistently low since the time he has joined the organization? Who will take the blame of the wrong hire, low productivity and loss of time and money?

I am from the HR group and I have been at both sides of the table. I have tried to put on the best face to get hired and tried to question candidates to judge the best match for the job opening. Well, accepting the fact that at times, wrong hires do happen. Isn’t there a solution to curb the same?

Of course! Complete job knowledge!

The only way to get the correct candidates rolling in the organization:

  • Recruiter needs to understand the job description and specification completely before they interview the candidates.
  • It is on the recruiter to understand the skills, knowledge and ability that the candidate must have.
  • It is on recruiter to recognize the caliber; candidate should exude to cope with the role pressure.

Not only a short synopsis about the position rather the comprehensive understanding about the job opening is extremely crucial. With the complete knowledge, we can assess others better. To create a great company, we need to have the finest employee who is the best fit for the opening. So, don’t just close the open position, find the supreme match to build the ladder of sure shot success.

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