People Search – Pricing Update

From 6th July 2012, we will be making a change to the People Search pricing. The change is specifically applicable to the Daily Subscription only. The Daily Subscription will change over to a limited number of searches instead of the unlimited searches which were offered till now. The three options within Daily Subscription will be:
1 search – Rs 19
5 searches – Rs 49
10 searches – Rs 89

A search is defined as opening up a single record to view its details by clicking on the Plus sign.


Users who need large number of searches will benefit from Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions, which will continue to have unlimited searches (at Rs 499 and Rs 1999 respectively).

To summarize, if you are an individual who requires looking up a person or a few persons, the Daily Pass will be the best option. If you represent a business and want to try out the service, the Monthly Pass will be suitable. Once your business sees value in the service after trying out the service for a month, you should consider going in for the Yearly Pass as it gives the best value.

As always, I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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