People Search – A Brief Introduction and Landscape Review

People Search refers to an online service which allows you to enter either name or other personal details to search and find out more about a specific individual. Such services typically gather information from a wide variety of public records. The key advantage of using such services is that you are able to save time by not having to search across a wide range of public websites and sources. It is also important to understand that People Search does not mean searching of suitable candidates for hiring. Also, it does not mean searching for lost or missing individuals.

Such services are already quite well established in most of the developed countries. Many of them are paid services but some are available for free too. For example, this article from TopTenReviews covers the paid People Search services within USA. Another article at Findermind reviews a host of paid and free People Search services. Depending upon what kind of information you already have about the individual, the geography where the person lives, and what information you are looking for, you may have to try out a couple of these services to get the desired results.

While some of these global People Search engines cover the Indian population too, they still tend to perform much better if the person being searched is living in USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. That is, the coverage on Indians is generally somewhat limited. So, the regular web search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are used for doing People Search on resident Indians. The advantage of the regular search engines is that they are able to present a really large number of results across a wide range of websites. The disadvantage is that sometimes the number of results may be overwhelming and finding out the relevant details may be very time consuming.

So the need still remains for a search engine which specializes in People Search on resident Indians. This is exactly what aims to provide.

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