Resume Lies – Who loses more?

In today’s world, small or big, an established or a start-up, all the organizations are moving towards – a stringent background verification process. Still, 87% discrepancies are found between the information supplied and information verified.

Story time-

Akbar was very fond of birds. One day a bird catcher came to his kingdom. He had a very colourful bird. The bird catcher informed Emperor Akbar about qualities of the colourful bird, who looked so beautiful and danced like a peacock and flew like an eagle. The emperor was very happy and the bird catcher was immediately rewarded with 50 gold coins. The bird catcher left the kingdom in a hurry.

When the bird catcher left Birbal said to the Emperor – “This bird is not dancing like a peacock. Maybe it needs a bath.” He asked for a glass of water.

When Birbal gave a bath to the bird, everybody was shocked to see that it wasn’t any special bird; it was just a pigeon. The bird catcher had fooled everybody.

Birbal saw colors on the bird catcher’s fingers and hence knew that it was no special bird. The bird catcher was caught and given a punishment.

Today’s background verification process is no less than Birbal’s sharp mind. Resume beautification of any sort is decoloured within no time. Who is the real loser in the entire process – the organization or the prospective candidate?

Of course, the organization loses on money and the most valuable resource – time, but eventually they find a suitable candidate who is apt for the role and has a resume which is correct – word by word. But what about the prospective candidate?

Candidate resigns from his current job to get the new one, which he got on basis of his embellished resume. After the bathing of the resume, that is, after the background verification, if there are any added colors, they are washed off.
In turn, firstly, the prospective candidate is shown the door on an immediate note. Secondly, his name is added in the blacklisted candidates list – which means he will never get a job in that organization, ever!

16th janWho is the bigger loser?

Of course, the prospective candidate! His both hands are empty – without this job and without that job, plus he will never get job in the company and its sister concerns.

There is a beautiful saying – “the wise learn from mistake of others!” Many have lost their jobs because of small or big lies in their resume. It’s better, we all pledge not to lie on the resume and get a job on basis of truthful information. It may be a painful search but when you finally land up on a job, you will have it, without any doubt. Let the colors be for fun!

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