The Start-up Jobs

India is not only emerging, it has emerged. ~ Barack Obama

The start up is the current frenzy word in the Indian job industry. The start-up is on everyone’s mind from the school goers to the college students to the job holders. According to me, the key motivator for all these start-ups are – “The Passion Fever” or “Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergs Effect – Just following my heart” or “The want to shine bright ASAP – taking the shortest way possible to be a CEO/Co-founder/MD”.


The numbers of start-ups speaks volume about it own market – 4,200+ start-ups now, 10,000 by 2020. The big question is – Is start-ups a new fixation, which Indian market is experiencing?

Well, No.

As stated by Mr Ravi Narayan, director, Microsoft Accelerator, ” As we analyzed, we came up with four distinct phases of growth and maturity that we have traversed so far, software services and global delivery model; The dotcom era; The rise of product start-ups; & The growth of start-up ecosystem. ”
The last and the latest phase seems to be the most exciting phase which India is experiencing now: The growth of start-up ecosystem. This phase has gained a stature for India and a brand new name – ‘The start-up Nation’. FlipKart(started in 2007), Snapdeal(started in 2010), Ola(started in 2010) are just the first few successful players in the start-up market. These and the many others in the sequence are not only innovating and renovating its model to address the key problems and finding the best solution to it, but it is also addressing another big issue in India – Unemployment.

According to the Nasscom report, titled: ‘Startup India – Momentous Rise of the Indian Startup Ecosystem’, start-ups have created more than 80,000 jobs. According to another study of the talent assessment firm MeritTrac, the start-up ecosystem in India may hire 2.5 -3 lakh employees by 2020.

The next big question these start-ups are posing – Do they really create lots of good jobs?
There are a few benefits of choosing a start-up job over a well established corporate:

  • Better opportunities
  • More responsibilities
  • Better and fast learning of multiple things
  • Recognition
  • Awesome work atmosphere

In spite of all these benefits, there lies a fear – What if this venture doesn’t work?

Just to name a few- Jewelskart, Bagskart, Watchkart, TinyOwl, Spoonjoy, Langhar, OrderSnack, Dazo were few of the start-ups which were backed by great brains and huge funds but couldn’t survive for long.

Although these start-ups didn’t work, there are still 3-4 start-ups mushrooming up every day, according to the Nasscom report, titled: ‘Startup India – Momentous Rise of the Indian Startup Ecosystem’. The enthusiasm of Indians is just proving the saying,

If plan ‘A’ doesn’t work,
The alphabet has 25 more letters.

Speaking about my opinion, yes it’s adventurous to work for a start-up, but the huge experience and wide exposure which one gets while working in one, is unmatched and unquestionable.

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