Wedding Woes and ‘Search People. Research Background’

Whew!!! With the launch of, I feel like Edmund Hillary after conquering the tallest peak. And so, taking a break from the entrepreneurial tasks and running after ‘n’ number of things, I am back here, to continue sharing the story of ‘Search People. Research Background’ with you.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, that’s our logo tagline. You must have noticed it already though. Anyway, coming back to what I was telling, after reading my first blog, many of you might be wondering why, after working on high-tech products and services, I chose to start a mass-market targeting Website, which allowed people to search on-line for basic information on people and to request background checks on prospective domestic help, servants, maids, drivers, life-partners or employees.

The idea took few years ago when I packed up with my stint in USA and moved back to India. Back in the warmth of the family fold, the first few weeks were spent catching up with family and friends.

Family chatter invariably turned to updates about groom/bride searching woes for cousins. During one such conversation it dawned on me that there was only so much that we could unearth about a person or a family we have met though newspaper advertisements. It is not uncommon to have cautious parents discreetly interview neighbours of the prospective in-laws and some even land up at the place of employment.

That’s when I thought of starting to lend a helping hand to people in their research to find the ‘right’ life partners for their loved ones.

You must be wondering if Mrs. Kapoor’s nephew Bunty, who lives in Gorakhpur and has never files a tax return for the small grocery store, would turn up in our people search. Were you resigned to undertake the overnight train travel to Gorakhpur to check if the guy was right for you precious niece?

Leave it to us! Rest assured works across many online and offline public databases which may not come up in a normal internet search and will surely give you enough information for a preliminary research on the prospective groom. If required, you can follow up with a more comprehensive matrimonial verification.

Now, with the Website formally launched, all of us at JantaKhoj are wondering how would fare in future? Will the risk pay-off? We will get to know soon, and you can follow the journey on this blog.

Signing off for now,


  1. Just not comfortable with the entire idea of my personal information popping up on random databases. Even if I am a registered user I could abuse information that I receive from this site…right?? How are you gonna guarantee a security of a person once their inforamtion leaks out? I am in favour of Background Checks in case of Employment or Marriages but then how would you check the intentions of a person accessing such classified information?

  2. @Shobana,
    Thank you for the comment.

    JantaKhoj aggregates information from various public sources. In this regard, it acts just like a web search engine. Just like web search engines gather information from all over the web, index it and prepare it for easy searching, JantaKhoj gathers public records, which are already in the public domain, and makes them easy to search. If JantaKhoj is showing an entry for a person, it means that the record already exists in at least one public source.

    JantaKhoj respects the viewer’s decision to remove his/her entry from our People Search and has mentioned the opt-out process in Privacy Policy (

    In case of employment or matrimonial verification, the requesting business/individual already has received the credentials from the person being verified and they submit it for verification. We DO NOT have those credentials in our database. And these credentials are kept completely confidential and NEVER included in the public people search records.


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