What would you like to see in People Search?

Right now, our free People Search service presents details on address, phone number, relatives and neighbours. These are gathered and indexed from the public records which are available in various online sources. We do understand that while this is useful, this may be just a starting point for People Search, and that you would definitely have some great ideas on how this service should evolve in the future.

We want to hear your ideas. What shape should the service take in the future? What do you think is useful? How can we improve the People Search?

You can respond via the blog / Facebook comments or by writing in to feedback [at] jantakhoj [dot] com. Share this with others so that they can participate too.

The best suggestion sent within the next seven days will get you an Infibeam gift coupon worth Rs 1000. This can be used for buying any product on their online store.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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