Why verify your degree?

Generally, our blog posts are targeted on HR professionals and business owners as to why they should get the credentials (including academic degrees and certificates) of their employees verified. This post takes (a hopefully refreshing) break and focuses on why a consumer (like you – our esteemed reader) may benefit from degree verification. degree-verification

You are applying overseas for higher education

You have made up your mind that you need to go overseas for higher education. You have gone through the long and meticulous cycle of planning, preparation and execution. All the tests are taken, results in, universities and schools selected and applied to. While quite a few of the universities may ask for original hard copy transcripts from the university or institute, others may just ask for a verified copy of the degree. This typically means a stamp and signature from registrar’s office on the photocopy of the degree.

You are applying overseas for an employment opportunity

You have decided that it is time to work overseas now. While being fairly difficult to achieve, relative to the higher education route, it still may work out for certain countries, types of sectors and kind of job in consideration. There is a reasonable chance that the employer may ask for a verified copy of the degree, either at the time of application or at any later stage of the hiring cycle.

You are applying for a visa

Good news – one of the earlier scenarios has played out successfully for you. You have secured either an admission to an academic program or a job opportunity overseas. In either case, you will show up at the concerned embassy or consulate for getting the suitable visa. Certain countries and specific types of visas may require you to either submit hard copy of the transcripts or verified copy of the degree.

Your university’s accreditation was revoked or the university shut down or university never had any accreditation

These are more serious scenarios which present big challenges in degree verification. In certain cases, the degree verification may be possible – for example, degree was awarded at a point of time when the university accreditation had not been revoked. But other scenarios like closure of the university or never having accreditation do not offer any suitable solution.

In any of these four scenarios, typically, you will end up traveling to the university, staying there for a few days, applying for degree verification and following up to receive verified photocopies. All this presents a huge cost to you – in terms of time, money and the hassle. A better solution would be to go in for the degree (Education Self) verification services provided by professional third party verification agencies like JantaKhoj. So leave the degree verification to experts and enjoy peace of mind.


  1. I want to verify my msc. computer science appeared to EIILM UNIVERSITY SIKKIM in sesson of July-2009 to June -2011. Please
    suggest me about it.

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